• Thermophilic and alkaliphilic Actinobacteria …

    Microbes belonging to the phylum Actinobacteria are prolific sources of antibiotics, clinically useful bioactive compounds and industrially important ...

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  • Soil Wikipedia

    Soil is a mixture of minerals, organic matter, gases, liquids, and countless organisms that together support life on Earth. Soil is a natural body called the ...

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  • Effects of nitrogen fertilization on …

    Effects of nitrogen fertilization on diazotrophic activity of microorganisms associated with Sphagnum magellanicum

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  • An Overview of Useful Methods to Treat, …

    The lining of Hall Héroult electrolytic cells is constructed in a steel shell. The lining consists of carbon (amorphous, semigraphite, graphite, or graphitized).

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  • Effects of Soil Characteristics Canola …

    Organic Matter. Map of Organic Carbon Status of Manitoba soils. Organic matter content of Alberta soils. Organic matter is anything in the soil composition that is ...

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  • Annabel Langbein Garden know how

    Crop rotation is not just for farmers. In home gardens it is also important to vary the plants you grow each year to improve your soil, reduce pests and avoid plant ...

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  • Mining News, Mining Companies & Market …

    Mining news and commentary from around the globe. Daily updates on gold and commodity prices, exploration, mine development and mining company activities.

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  • Research and Services John de Laeter Centre

    The John de Laeter Centre provides quantitative data used to understand processes of Earth and planetary evolution, characterise the nature of resources and materials ...

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  • Mining News and Investment Topics …

    Mining news topics from MINING . The latest news on mining, mines and mineral properties, mining companies and metal prices.

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  • Iron fertilization Wikipedia

    Iron fertilization is the intentional introduction of iron fines to iron poor areas of the ocean surface to stimulate phytoplankton production. This is intended to ...

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